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ERW Pipes & Hollow Section Pipes

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ERW Pipes & Hollow Section Pipes

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) pipe up to 24” is manufactured by rolling metal from Strip/Coil and then welding it longitudinally across its length. A Hollow Section Pipe (HSP) is a type of metal profile with a hollow cross-section. Rectangular and square HSPs are also commonly called tube steels or box sections. Circular HSPs are sometimes mistakenly called steel pipes, although a steel pipe is actually classified differently from HSP.

Hollow section pipes

A G Universal Limited is a supplier and manufacturer of high quality Hollow Section Pipes and ERW Pipes in India. We manufacture Hollow Section Pipes in different sizes, grades and specification as per international guidelines. We also export our products in many countries. Hollow section pipes are supplied to clients all over India for variety of applications in mechanical engineering such as for manufacturing of booms, frames and other vehicle components especially for those applications where high strength combined with excellent usability is required. Hollow section pipes are more durable and have a longer life span than conventional steel sections.

Hollow section is a type of metal profile which has a hollow tubular cross-section. It consists of structural steel. The flat steel plate is gradually changed to become round. The edges are welded together from the mother tube. During the manufacturing process, the mother tube goes through a series of shaping stands which convert the round mother tube into flat, square or rectangular shape.

Hollow section pipes are as per the requirements of the customers with anti-rust oil coating from both inside and outside of the tubes. These pipes are available with various dimensions, sizes, types and specification.

Hollow section pipes are of three types. Circular Hollow Section (CHS) is also known as round steel tube. It is used in industries such as structural, mechanical and construction. It has good strength and is suitable at low temperature to use.

Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) is mainly used for mechanical, structural, and construction applications. Its flat surface is economical for joining and for fabrication works. It is used for architectural aesthetics because of its structural strength.

Square Hollow Section (SHS) has a flat surface, which is economical for joining and welding. It requires minimum edge preparation for manufacturing. It also has same characteristics as in circular hollow sections except with their symmetrical appearance found in equatorial hollow sections.

ERW Pipes

ERW stands for Electrical Resistance Welded. ERW pipes are manufactured by cold forming a flat steep strip into a rounded tube and passing it through a series of forming rollers to obtain a longitudinal seam. ERW pipes differ from rolled and welded pipes, and spiral weld pipes. Rod and welded pipe is made from sections of steel plates rolled into cans. The seam of the can is welded and then individual cans are welded together to make the finished pipe. Spiral wild pipe is also manufactured from steel coil like ERW pipe but the difference is that the coil is wound at an angle so that the weld runs around the outside of the pipe in the shape of the helix. However, ERW pipe is manufactured by rolling metal and then heating two edges with electricity so that they form a weld down to its length. The process of making ERW pipe is safer and much easier due to the availability of high frequency electric currents for welding. ERW pipes are extremely strong and durable

Equipment Details


  • Sitting lines
  • ERW pipe mills with latest technology
  • Galvanizing plants
  • Threading machines
  • Marking machines
  • Hydro testing machines
  • Automatic ultrasonic testing machine/Eddy current M/C(NDT)
  • Fully compjterized Japanese spectrometer for carrying out chemical analysis
  • In house fully equipped laboratory for chemical and mechanical testing
  • D.G. set
  • 33 KV power sub-station for round-the-clock production

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