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Stainless Steel Stripes

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Stainless Steel Stripes

Stainless Steel Stripes are very thin, flat-rolled sheets. They offer many advantages over conventional steel such as increased corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and ductility, as well as cryogenic toughness.

Stainless Steel Strips

A G Universal Limited produces a wide range of different types of stainless steel stripes for construction and other industrial applications.  Stainless steel strips are available in three types such as Heat- treatable, Non-heat treatable, and Pre-hardened. Heat treatable stainless steel strips are manufactured above the recrystallization temperature of the metal. These strips are used in mild, harsh and corrosive environments. They are formed through various processes such as sitting, edging, shearing, polishing, tempering etc. They are molded into various channels, frames, trims and angles. They are used for various applications such as handrails, cladding, draining and water systems, wall support, roofing, and fixing. They are also known as thin strips. They are obtained from hot rolled strips. They have impurities which are removed by treating with an acid.

Stainless steel strips are malleable and ductile in nature. They are used in varied areas such as construction industries due to their high strength, workability, corrosion resistance, wear-ability, and antioxidant properties. The fastest growing urbanization and construction activities across the globe have increased the applications of stainless steel strips in manufacturing of rolled rings, precise tubes, strip wires, 3D forging, bicycles, refrigerators, ventilation systems, dishwashers, and sinks.

The market of stainless steel strips is inflated because of its beneficial properties such as corrosion resistance, increased formability, weld ability and aesthetic appearance. The usage of stainless steel strips will show significant growth in upcoming years but the variability in the cost price of raw materials used in manufacturing of strips may lead to halt the market. Stainless steel consists of chromium due to which it is corrosive resistant at high temperature. It can withstand corrosive or chemical environments due to its smooth surface. It is safe for long-term.

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